Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Art Cloth Network

After working in isolation over the past few years, learning from the internet, from books, and the occasional workshop, I felt I had hit a plateau of sorts. Perhaps there is a limit to how much one can learn on one's own. Growing within me was a tremendous need, not for a new book or another workshop, but a community. I wanted to sit in a room with other cloth artists, to join in the conversation about what makes a piece work and what's not working. A network of like-minded cloth artists is what I desired most at this point in my development. Network...  Art Cloth...  Art Cloth Network!

February 28 was the deadline for application to the Art Cloth Network. So I submitted my application and my jpegs, not really expecting to get in, (especially after seeing the artist resumes of current members) but hoping for, perhaps, some feedback or kindly advice.

On Monday, March 15, Susie Monday sent a welcoming email to the seven new members. I was stunned to see my name on the list.


  1. Janet, my wife teaches art and says you are very gifted. I draw stick people. But "Rays of Hope" had a cosmic effect on us both. Very inspired! Charlie Jacobs

  2. Way to go Sis! I love your art.