2010 Gallery

Untitled 2010
32” x 41” dupion silk
dyed, overdyed, discharged, stamped with thickened MX dyes, screened and stenciled with textile paints

Brick Layers, 2010
32” x 53” dupion silk dyed, discharged, screened with textile paints

Rain 2010
29" x 52" dupion silk dyed, painted with discharge paste and textile paints

Irritable Swans 2010
34” x 54” dupion silk
dyed, overdyed, discharged with stencils, stamped with textile paints

Untitled Yardage, 2010
37” x 62” cotton sateen dyed and screened with discharge paste

Fishing Net, 2010
30” x 53” dupion silk
dyed and “breakdown-printed” with thickened MX dyes, then stamped with textile paint on fishing net

Roses for Georgess, 2010
35” x 52” dupion silk
dyed, overdyed, stamped and screened with thickened MX dyes and textile paints