About Me

Most of my work experience has been as a writer, editor, and  graphic designer. Then a few years ago I started this new adventure — dyeing, painting, and printing cotton and silk. At first I thought I would just make fabric for quilters. Then after  taking Jane Dunnewold’s workshop I became passionate about surface design on  cloth as an art form.

My approach to surface design on textiles is to work in many layers, creating more complexity with each process. I usually start by manipulating the fabric using techniques derived from the Japanese Shibori tradition (folding, twisting, binding, and clamping the fabric). Then I submerge it in a dye bath. After the first dye bath I repeat the process with another color. I may then decide to discharge (or remove dye) using masks, stencils, stamps, or other tools. I then screen print the top layers with thickened MX dyes or textile paints.

I live in Wayland, Massachusetts, just west of Boston, with my husband and our aging dog, Coco, known to some as Don Pedro. We have two grown daughters: the oldest lives and teaches in  Guatemala, while the youngest is in college. I also enjoy gardening and singing in a choir.

I am a member of Surface Design Association and Art Cloth Network.