Friday, November 12, 2010

"Seeds of Honesty"

Seeds of Honesty, II  silk crepe 23" x 70"
Background was painted in layers with transparent textile paints then sunprinted using lily pads as masks. The seed pods, predyed chiffon and white organza pieces were fused on using MistyFuse. 

I always thought the plant was called "money plant" or "silver dollar plant," until I learned that, in England, they call this "honesty plant". (Leave it to Americans to change such a lovely name to, well,...)

These plants appear in my garden each spring as volunteers, with lovely pink or white flowers in spring/summer, then the flat oval seedpod in the fall. When you tease away the outer husks you find a silky white center. I experimented with several methods trying to find the best way to attach these to fabric. The best by far was Mistyfuse. I even tried washing a test piece and the embellishment remained intact.