Friday, October 22, 2010

"The Painted Lake"

My sister-in-law Julia Usher has been visiting from England and we have enjoyed afternoon walks in the nearby woodlands. I took these photos at the Mount Misery conservation land in Lincoln, MA. Julia is a watercolorist and has been trying to capture these views in her paintings. She came up with the title, "The Painted Lake," because of the autumn hues reflected on the water in late afternoon light.

Algae covered one end of the lake. It looked as if it had been applied with a marbling technique.

The reflection of the red tree seemed to extend too far to the foreground, but then I saw it was obeying the rule of equal heights of object and its reflection.

Okay, this is the only photograph that isn't about the reflections in the water but the trees themselves.


  1. Wonderful photos. It is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. i've come back home to England after sharing the Painted Lake experience with Janet! Her pictures astound me, and preserve scenes that burn in my imagination. I am hoping to compose some music about the Painted Lake. Maybe some day these images can be projected to accompany music.

    Julia Usher, (formerly Hadingham)